Trident Is the Perfect Profit Launchpad for Your Business.

We provide you with all the local, technical, sales and marketing skills you need to
grow your business throughout the Middle East & Africa.

By partnering up with us, you will
benefit from:

  • The best ICT solutions and products thru the top brands – so you and your clients get the best value performance.
  • Local partnerships and collaborations – as your local sales representative we’re always looking out for the best value solutions.
  • Best in class team allocation – our business is built on top notch technical, sales and marketing expertise.
  • Partnerships and developing market expectations – we’re all about collaboration and finding the best local partners to deliver the best results.
  • Representative motivation – understanding local motivations and incentives helps us deliver the right solutions for you and your clients.
  • Development of key communication channels – strong relationships and a keen understanding of the most effective channels saves time, saves money and delivers more profitable results.
  • Planning B2B events and pioneering marketing opportunities – activations, roundtables, mastermind groups and innovative on and offline events. Curation and connection that offers new opportunities for vendors to showcase and end users/consultants to experience the latest technology.

Download our company profile to learn more about our exhaustive sales and marketing services covering the Middle East and Africa.

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