Bassel Aihalabi

Bassel AlHalabi

Position: Founder & Managing Director

Bassel AlHalabi is the Founder & Managing Director of Trident Technology Services.
Leading in the region with his disruptive business model, Bassel focuses on continuously delivering value to both his clients and his employees. Generating significant value and engagement, according to Bassel, lies in a resolute willingness to help individuals and organizations alike transform their visions into reality.
Therefore, Bassel makes sure his team of sales and marketing experts have a thorough know-how of the regions’ ethos coupled with drive, decisiveness and an eagerness to contribute to others’ success stories.
Driven by his 23 years of experience in ICT, his marketing and sales acumen as well as his deep understanding of the cultures in Middle East and Africa, Bassel’s vision is to replicate the successes and sustainable growth initiatives he has instilled in various organizations, to his own as well as to vendors and manufacturers, Trident represents.
Bassel holds a degree in Electronics Engineering and Executive Master Business Administration (EMBA) from HEC Paris University in addition to many ICT related industry certifications.